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SAP Cloud Platform Documentation

SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform is an open, standards-based and modular platform as a service for rapid development of on-demand applications.

Identity Authentication Service

Identity Authentication service is a cloud solution for identity lifecycle management. It provides services for user login, registration, authentication, and access to SAP Cloud Platform applications.

Portal Service

Easily create free-style and SAP Fiori launchpad style business sites for employees, customers, and partners. Designed for desktop and mobile consumption, the portal service provides pre-defined site templates, as well as a set of capabilities to design your own site templates for on-premise and cloud solution extensions.


Build socially-infused applications on the SAP Cloud Platform with SAP Jam. SAP Jam delivers secure, social collaboration that extends across SAP's entire technology landscape - giving you social capabilities where and when you need them in your business processes.

Mobile Service for Development and Operations

SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Service for Development and Operations is an open, standards-based cloud platform that enables simplified mobile application development, configuration, and management.

Integration Service

SAP Cloud Platform, integration service (formerly known as SAP HANA Cloud Integration) facilitates the integration of business processes that span different departments, organizations, or companies. It supports end-to-end process integration across cloud-based and on-premise applications.

OData Provisioning

OData provisioning is a solution that allows you to consume data from an SAP Business Suite backend system in SAP Cloud Platform. It establishes a connection between SAP Business Suite data and target clients, platforms, and programming framework. OData provisioning exposes business data and business logic as OData services on SAP Cloud Platform, thereby enabling customers to run user-centric applications on SAP Cloud Platform.

Internet of Things

The SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things services enable customers and partners to develop, customize and operate IoT business applications in the cloud.

Platform Solutions

UI Development Toolkit for HTML5 (SAPUI5)

The UI development toolkit for HTML5 (SAPUI5) can be used to create apps with rich user interfaces for modern Web business applications.

Form Service by Adobe

Form service by Adobe is a solution for generating print and interactive forms using Adobe Document Services running on SAP Cloud Platform.

SAP Mobile Platform tools

SAP Mobile Platform tools enhances the SAP Gateway offering by providing a graphical OData Modeler in Eclipse.

API Toolkit for SAP Mobile Platform

With this toolkit developers can bind OData models created using the OData Modeler to additional data sources, such as SOAP, JPA, JDBC or OData Channel.

UI Theme Designer

The UI theme designer is a browser-based tool for adapting the visual appearance of SAP user interfaces by creating and maintaining custom themes.


SAP Web IDE is a browser-based tool for collaborative development of HTML5 applications in the cloud.

SAP API Management

SAP API Management is a solution that drives innovation in modern business models. Based on APIs and digital assets this solution allows unified access from new channels and diverse user interfaces by enabling developer communities to securely connect to your enterprise information and processes. Access to back-end services and complex landscapes are simplified with easy to consume APIs while protecting your systems from threats and overloaded access.