The plugin complains about a missing SDK. What should I do?

The SDK can be downloaded and installed from the SAP Cloud Platform Tools page. You can also install it by running the install-sdk goal that this plugin offers.


I am used to the console client (neo). How do I use the plugin?

In this case it may be easier for you to use the run-console-command or run-console-commands goal. However, the recommended and ultimately cleaner and more convenient way is to use the dedicated goals this plugin offers for most console client commands.

Most console client commands have a corresponding Maven goal with the same name. Their arguments can be supplied as configuration parameters and have names similar to those in the console client, that is, the long form version of the argument name, converted into camel case, without dashes (normal practice for Maven plugins).


Some commands return output I need to process further. How do I do that?

You can specify consoleOutputPropertyPrefix for all goals. It will put the console client command output into Maven properties for further processing, either as textual console client command output or as a structured result. You can then use this or other plugins (for example, maven-antrun-plugin) to process the Maven properties further.


I can't access the cloud through my proxy. How can I configure a proxy?

You can configure proxy parameters for all goals. The full list of parameters is given below:

  • consoleHttpProxyHost
  • consoleHttpProxyPort
  • consoleHttpProxyUser
  • consoleHttpProxyPassword
  • consoleHttpNonProxyHosts
  • consoleHttpsProxyHost
  • consoleHttpsProxyPort
  • consoleHttpsProxyUser
  • consoleHttpsProxyPassword

Any proxy parameters you configure in the general configuration section of the plugin will apply (in the normal manner for Maven) to all goals that you invoke.